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Beautiful Cleansing Selenite, What A Gift!
Theresa Hinckley

I have always been drawn to Crystals and Stones and I’ve collected many beautiful “Friends” over the years. Even though I had heard here and there that all Stones and Crystals should be periodically cleansed, I never thought much about the energy within them. I innocently assumed that anything of the earth was always pure and clean, however, I did notice that some Crystals felt good to me and others not so much. When they felt “off”, I thought that either I was having a bad day or they were. How was I to know that these beautiful little power houses absorbed all sorts of energies from the environment, from the people who touched them, even just from sitting in a room of the house, on a shelf in a store or on the ground!

I was about to learn a very valuable lesson without even realizing it. That happens quite often around here! In the Fall, my husband, Wade, takes me shopping in Alexandria Bay where there is this adorable shoppe that sells beautiful Indian clothing, accessories and sterling silver jewelry. I always find some beautiful little Gemstone trinket to add to my collection. As I looked at the beautiful array of sparkling Gems in the jewelry case, a gorgeous Amber necklace caught my eye. It had a beautiful antique setting, I just loved it and was so drawn to it. I had to have it! I left with my precious treasure, happy as an oyster with a giant pearl inside.

The first time I put my beautiful Amber necklace on I immediately felt very uneasy and my mood went from happy to quite irritated in a matter of a minute or two. As odd as it was, I didn’t think much about it. Ah hormones, my automated excuse for everything out of balance at that time in my life, popped to mind. When I took the necklace off for the evening, the terrible mood immediately lifted, so much so that it really caught my attention. How odd, I thought, what is up with that. As quick as the thought came, it faded, and off I went to change into my nightgown and read something enlightening before bed. The next time I put the necklace on, the same thing uneasy mood happened and remained until I took it off. After a few different attempts with the same disheartening results, I completely stopped wearing my beautiful, yet mood suppressing necklace and left it sitting in a drawer. As beautiful as my Amber necklace was, I didn’t even like to touch it because of the way it made me feel. This was a first and it made me sad.

My beautiful sister Roxanne was over visiting and she was talking about how much she loves Amber and how healing it is. I brought up the fact that Amber and I don’t get along very well and as a matter of fact I can’t even wear the beautiful necklace that I bought because it makes me terribly irritable. “I’ll have to bring over my Selenite and cleanse the necklace.” she said matter of factly. I laughed. What? That can’t possibly work. What in the world is Selenite and how could it make my cranky little necklace happy? No, I don’t think so, it seems to be in a permanent bad mood.

The next time Roxanne came over, she brought her slab of Selenite gently wrapped in a cute little cloth. I love the way she treats her Crystals with such respect, love and care. I ran and got my necklace, hopeful non-believer that I was, and laid it on the beautiful ice white slab. We left it on there for a half hour while we chatted. After a little while, she told me to put the necklace on and see if it felt better. Personally I thought she was very brave in that moment, for if the Selenite had not done it’s job and I were to become very moody from my cranky little necklace, I might scare her away never to return! To my honest to goodness astonishment I could tell the difference immediately upon touching the Amber necklace. The pendant felt cool, clean, light and clear. When I put it on it felt fine! I felt great and there was no more pull. Even when I tested it week after week I got the same result.

That experience was a real eye opener for me and I was taught something very valuable that day. There is much, MUCH more than meets the innocent eye with these beautiful Crystals, all of them. Each of them has a job to do and they absolutely absorb all kinds of energy and should be cleansed often. Selenite is amazing in the fact that it not only cleanses and energizes but it is always clean and energized in itself. How fantastic is that? I have learned that Selenite loves to be set out during a full moon to energize it and also appreciates when you send it your love and gratitude for the job it does. All of your Crystals and Gems love this interaction and most of all, they love you.

I went on the web and read everything I could about Selenite. The more I read the more I fell in love with this beautiful gift. I have three large slabs in my home now and I look forward to getting more. I keep one in my living room, one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. I have many Gem chip necklaces, Pendulums, Crystals, Stones and jewelry that I set on the selenite while I take a shower and its just amazing the difference in the way they feel before and after they go on the Selenite slab. Roxanne told me that it only takes a few minutes and you don’t even have to set items on the Selenite. They only need be near it to be cleansed and energized. Even just holding the Selenite is a refreshing and balancing experience for me. It reminds me of a beautiful little iceberg from Alaska. Cool, clear, crisp and clean!

As I learn so much about Stones, Gems and Crystals and the abilities each different one has to help us move along our Journey in Ease and Peace, I have come to realize how important it is to have some Selenite in my space to keep things fresh and clean so that they can help me in the best way possible. It makes a world of difference. And now that I have given you my personal experience with Selenite I will add all the great information I found on Selenite below.

Selenite is a crystal form of gypsum. It occurs as either natural colorless clear crystals, needle like crystals or white tabular crystals. This precious gem stone is named for Selene, Greek goddess of the Moon because of its moon-like glow. Exchanged between lovers, it will bring about reconciliation.
• Brings mental clarity
• Helps one to access angelic guidance
• Quickly unblocks stagnant energy
• Instills a deep peace
It makes a wonderful protection stone. Place a Selenite sphere at the corners of your home to create a peaceful, safe environment that will not be disturbed by outside influences.

In addition to the properties of White Selenite, Peach Selenite is a transformation stone. It helps to heal old emotional wounds and transforms this negative energy to healing, forgiveness and accceptance. Use Peach Selenite to increase self awareness and travel a new path.

Selenite is often known as the light bringer, due to its linear Crystal structure it behaves like a natural fibre optic. If any light is shone through the material it is transmitted down the full length of the Crystal. This is a physical manifestation of its metaphysical properties. The Crystal structure is very linear and is easily cleaved into natural wands . Selenite could be considered as the sword of awareness cutting through assumptions and promoting re-connection between the conscious self and the inner mystic. Selenite allows direction of energy into the body and energy system to remove blockages which result in disease.

Selenite and Apophyllite are the only two minerals powerful enough to clear negative energies out of Quartz Crystals. Selenite is further unique in that it is the only mineral capable of programming Quartz Crystals. Place any Crystal, specimen or pocket stone you have been working with on top of or next to your Selenite Wand. You can set a number of different stones in a row. The Selenite will both clean any energies present and recharge your other Crystals and Stones.

You can greatly increase any other Crystal or Stone energy by pointing your Selenite Wand at the other Stone. Reprogramming is done this way. Just visualize how you want the energy of your Quartz Crystal or other Stone to perform. Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Beings or Totem Animals can all be more easily contacted using a Selenite Wand. Access your subconscious as well. These wands are very potent. Be careful of your thoughts when working with Selenite. Rub your Selenite in an outward direction with two or three fingers. At the same time visualize and ask to contact a guide. Selenite provides a bridge to other worlds.

Selenite is often used for clarity of mental processes. It was the original Record Keeping Stone in Atlantean and Lemurian times. Using the same rubbing technique as for Past Lives, ask your Selenite for passage to particular areas of knowledge. Many times that knowledge is given to you in dreaming or while astral traveling.

When using your Selenite Wand in any of these ways or to amplify healing, make certain you use your inner powers to wipe clean the energy that has been placed into the Selenite. As I said above, I believe we can do this with love, gratitude and respect for the work that the selenite does for us.

Superior for psychic development and intuitive processes. A growing number of individuals are finding Selenite is very useful when working with Quartz Crystal. We must take care when using Clear Quartz Crystals, as they amplify everything, positive and negative. Selenite works with the higher Chakras and Realm, looking into All Levels of the Body for imbalance, and brings balance and focus to the Quartz Crystals pure intentions for the highest benefit of the one receiving the healing.

As a bridge to altered states of consciousness, Selenite is an excellent tool for visualization, meditation and working with the subconscious.

Selenite Goes to the source of physical disorders and provides insights into probable causes. Outstanding as a journeying tool for Shamans. Its unique ability to connect and balance the Spiritual and Physical bodies enables Selenite to do similar work between two persons. Working with the subtle bodies Selenite pushes one to the area most in need of clearing and balancing. Its power in working with all of the Chakras makes Selenite a universal healing implement.

Selenite is not like any other Healing Stone or Wand that focuses its particular energy on a problem. Selenite works like a tuner on a radio to discover locations of static in the aura. As your own awareness grows so will your use of this mystical mineral. Often referred to as a “scanner”, Selenite is said to have the ability to scan the body for disease or malfunction, pinpointing what areas may need attention. The stone itself is also thought to have the ability to clear etheric blockages so one can gain knowledge on how to move forward toward a cure. It is thought to have been a healing tool in Atlantis. Selenite can be used for scrying into both the past, present and future. Past life regressions are assisted with the use of these Crystals. They are also said to be good for dream recall.

Because of this ability to flow light into all situations coupled with its physical structure it is an ideal Wand making material. The energy flow is an ideal carrier of the energies of other Crystals added to the Wands. It is long thought that Selenite helps in procuring long-lasting relationships, ensuring fidelity and furthering commitments. It can help reconcile differences by going to the root of any issue.

*PLEASE NOTE: Stone therapy should NOT take the place of medical evaluation and procedures, and should be used to enhance one’s health and well-being. 🙂


Author: wholebodyhealing44

My interests include: Everything I can find out about nutrition, whole foods and how they heal the body, Reiki Healing Energy, Crystals; what they are and how they work. As of 12/2013 I have completed the Health Coach course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am now a board certified Health Coach through AADP. This I am very excited about. To be a Health Coach and help others change their lives for the better...My dream :) I have also completed a Vegetarian nutrition course so that I have an idea of what is needed for a fully rounded Vegetarian diet and by diet I mean a healthy way of eating or a lifestyle. Cooking is also a passion of my...along with shopping for healthy foods and Organic Produce! I have created a Rose Petal Tincture that is utterly amazing! You can visit my website at www.roxannecummins.com

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