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How Do Crystals Heal & Choosing a Crystal: Who Really Does The Choosing?

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Today’s Blog will be very short, but I thought it was an important subject. If you have more information, a comment or an experience you would like to share please let me know either by email: roxannecummins@yahoo.com or leave a comment. Either way I would love to hear from you 🙂

How Do Crystals Heal?

Crystals heal through vibration. They vibrate at a certain frequency. Health, Harmony and Balance within the body ALSO vibrates at a certain frequency as does sickness and dis-ease. Putting a Crystal or Crystals on the body for a healing, carrying them in your pocket or wearing them (necklace, ring, bracelet) helps the body resonate to that frequency thus helping the body to heal itself.

How to choose a Crystal

I believe that the crystal that you purchase OR the one that is given to you knows where it is going and has chosen you long before you receive it.

You are the second one to know which crystal is for you.
The crystal will make itself known to you in many, many different ways! The shape or color may catch your eye or touch your heart. Perhaps it’s the type, qualities or the properties that have attracted you. You may feel a tug, pull or sensation somewhere in your body. You may be used as the instrument of delivery. We all know that there are those walking around in their lives asleep…that is where the “delivery person” comes in.

Each Crystal knew all those who would be their “Keeper”, “Guardian”, “Student”, “Delivery Person” or “Apprentice” when they were being created either within the Earth or among the Stars. Never worry that you will choose the wrong Crystal or that you won’t find your Crystal for It will ALWAYS find its way to you. When a crystal has chosen you…to guide you , assist with healing or whatever, you will become captured with love.
Until Next Time…

As I am not a Doctor and cannot give out medical advise I MUST post this medical disclaimer:
Please be aware that this information is not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and/or treatment and is not meant to take the place of your Doctor or Healthcare Professional’s advice.
Reiki and Crystal healing can be used together with any other form of medical, natural or alternative therapy in order to enhance and compliment it.
~It is advised that you see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological problems you may have~


Author: wholebodyhealing44

My interests include: Everything I can find out about nutrition, whole foods and how they heal the body, Reiki Healing Energy, Crystals; what they are and how they work. As of 12/2013 I have completed the Health Coach course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am now a board certified Health Coach through AADP. This I am very excited about. To be a Health Coach and help others change their lives for the better...My dream :) I have also completed a Vegetarian nutrition course so that I have an idea of what is needed for a fully rounded Vegetarian diet and by diet I mean a healthy way of eating or a lifestyle. Cooking is also a passion of my...along with shopping for healthy foods and Organic Produce! I have created a Rose Petal Tincture that is utterly amazing! You can visit my website at www.roxannecummins.com

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