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Nuummite 3.8 Billion Years Old~Another recently discovered Stone


At close to 4 Billion years old, Nuummite is the oldest Stone on this planet! This is another recently appearing Stone for the new Energy Shift…

Historic Facts:

The name Nuummite is derived from the Municipality of Nuuk, where the stone was discovered in 1982. Nuummite is an extremely rare mineral with a rather old age. Nuummite is a gemstone formed from a mixture of two minerals from the orthoamphibole group: anthophyllite and gedrite.The colors vary somewhat between reddish, greenish, and bluish hues, sometimes even within the same lamella. It is composed of Magnesium, Iron, Silicon, Oxygen and Hydrogen.
By virtue of its age Nuummite is unique – there quite simply is no other comparable material of the same age anywhere on earth.
Nuummite is of volcanic origin and was formed about 3 billion years ago. The area of Nuuk where Nuummite occurs is the so-called ‘Isuakasia’ iron ore, the origin of which dates back almost four billion years. Nuummite has been used rather widely for untold centuries as beads and ornamental stones. The Isuakasia, where it’s obtained, is situated close to the Inland Ice Cap which is very difficult to access. For this reason combined with their rarity, these minerals will never become available in large quantities.
It can be found in Spain and southwest of Douglas, Converse County, Wyoming, USA. A lot is found mainly in Greenland in difficultly accessible places.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

It’s Healing and Metaphysical properties are wonderful. I was so drawn to this Stone I just had to purchase a few…1 for me and 4 to sell in the store. The Nuummite that I purchased was mined in Greenland and looks like humming-bird eggs. Although they are small they have enormous Energy and I must repeat enormous Energy. When I first held my Nuummite I felt as though I was being pulled into an Energy Vortex….I’m not sure if it was another Dimension or another Time or even another Place….I have to say I was blown away by such a small Stone having such Power. I should realize by now that size has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Power of a Stone.

Metaphysically this is a powerful stone that can bring an understanding of the awesome power of the void and the bring us an understanding of all the potentials of creation. Used in meditation
This is a wonderful Stone that can be used in general healing and in tissue regeneration. It has been used to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. Nuummite can be used to disperse infections, to purify the blood and kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, the vision, and the eyes; it has been used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight and the speech. It is an excellent stone for the stimulation of the triple-burner meridians as defined by acupressure/acupuncture specialists. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to assist in the recovery from Parkinson’s disease, to treat disorders of the central nervous system, to treat disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to protect against the negative vibrations of pollutants, at the physical level, via the creation of an energy field which it builds within the aura.

Nuummite is a ‘Stone of Meditation’, the perfect Stone to be used in meditation and deep relaxation practices. Through these practices Nuummite can assist us with psychic experiences and particularly with past or alternate lives. It can take us deep within the subconscious to access other times and existences. It is an excellent grounding stone as well as a protective stone.
Nuummite is also said to help in the recognition of the things that are needed in life and aids in the letting go of what is not, assisting us to find our own inner power and help us to achieve self-mastery.

Nuummite’s Energy brings us so many possibilities: inner strength, depth of spirit and a calm reflective nature, It teaches us to see with our hearts, and reminds us that all limitations, bonds and restraints in our lives are illusions, making it much easier to let them go. This magnificent Stone can also stimulate the intellect, and aid in memory loss and recall.
What do you think, what has your experience been with this incredible little Stone…
Until next time,
Blessings in Light


Author: wholebodyhealing44

My interests include: Everything I can find out about nutrition, whole foods and how they heal the body, Reiki Healing Energy, Crystals; what they are and how they work. As of 12/2013 I have completed the Health Coach course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am now a board certified Health Coach through AADP. This I am very excited about. To be a Health Coach and help others change their lives for the better...My dream :) I have also completed a Vegetarian nutrition course so that I have an idea of what is needed for a fully rounded Vegetarian diet and by diet I mean a healthy way of eating or a lifestyle. Cooking is also a passion of my...along with shopping for healthy foods and Organic Produce! I have created a Rose Petal Tincture that is utterly amazing! You can visit my website at www.roxannecummins.com

12 thoughts on “Nuummite 3.8 Billion Years Old~Another recently discovered Stone

  1. I bave gotten a nuummite tumble…wire wrapped it in copper…and I wear it as much as possible. It makes me feel calm. I’ve had maybe one night where it brought me to my shadows. But for some reason I don’t feel its power that much. or maybe I do but I’m not correlating it together.
    Either way I enjoyed your piece. Well wishes in your work. :))

    • Nuummite has a very deep pulling feeling to it for me but Crystals and Stones are different with each person. Have you meditated with your Stone? I have an information sheet Dedicating, Awakening and Activating your Crystals and Stones. If you are interested I will post it as a Blog so that you can bond with your Nuummite!

  2. I ended up with this stone because a friend felt the need to buy it for me, I had never head of it before and when I first held it in my hand I did not have much of a feeling from it. It seems that I have reactions to stones when I am in a highly relaxed state and so I sleep with them to test them out. I laid my stone on my second chakra, I woke up about an hour after I feel asleep and I have never had a reaction like the one I had with my nuummite. I could tell it was doing work on my body and my charka was going CRAZY. I feel like it has helped to uncover many things in my life, I carry it with me every day and feel like it is a guide stone in a way. Very very powerful stone!

    • Hello Jessica! I found that this very small stone has a great deal of energy and is very powerful! I am so happy to hear about your experience, your Stone has connected and bonded with you very strongly and I think it is amazing! Be sure to have a piece of Selenite to cleanse and charge your Nuummite! Selenite is very inexpensive and is a WONDERFUL Piece to have with all of your Healing stones! I wish you Blessings of Serenity, Unconditional Love and a Healthy Balanced Life!!

      • My friend whom did some healing touch on me and my ulnar nerve from neck to left hand , problem area for 7+ years. Gave me her numuumite which was warm to touch when I finished holding it it was cold like a ice cube. It warmed up again when she held it.
        have not been able to get this out of my mind 2 weeks now

      • I don’t think this is a negative thing. I have the feeling that the Nuummite was drawing out the emotional energy that may have been causing the problem you have been having the last 7+ years. Nuummite is a protection stone. Here is a link with a description that may help you to understand Nuummite further. Crystal Inner Circle Nuummite I hope this helps you. Blessings in Love and Light.

  3. This is a very powerful stone indeed. I often put it beside the selenite and when I put them under my pillow at nighttime, I seem to be drawn into my subconscious effortlessly and get a lot of lucid dreams. Nuummite also has this calming effect on me thus making it very easy to work with.

  4. Hello!! I found your blog when I was searching about the information of nuummite stone and shaman stone 🙂
    Love your sharing so much :))
    Would like to ask, if shaman stone and nuummite stone need to be cleanse and recharge after each time used ?
    Thanks so much and have a nice day!!

  5. Hello, I found your blog when I was searching the information about nuummite stone and shaman stone:))
    Love your sharing, they are useful to me :))
    Would like to ask if shaman stone and nuummite stone need to be cleanse and recharge after each time used?
    Thanks so much and have a nice day!!

  6. Hey, I’m really struggling with a few of the rocks I’m trying to identify. How do you tell if the stone is black larvikite or nuummite? What is the difference between these two stones and their chemical composition?

    • Hello, I don’t think I will be of much help to you because I am not a geologist. I have never seen a black larvikite but I can tell you that nuummite is black with sparse flecks in it. Maybe you could do a google search for composition. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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