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17 years ago I started my first business with one Kombucha Mushroom. I wanted to do something that would help people to heal naturally and at the same time make a little bit of money. My Kombucha business ended up costing me hundreds of dollars and quite a bit of my time as I “Sold” my Kombucha Tea and the Kombucha Tea kits to most of my customers for much less than it cost me to make and to buy the supplies. After that there was a string of little businesses that never really “Fit” me. Here I am at 60 with Whole Body Healing44 and it really feels like it fits me well.

What an adventure this has been. The road was long, bumpy and sometimes there were very, very steep hills. But the “Oh! so that’s how it’s done” and “Yeah! I figured it out” moments made it all worth while. I have learned tons about setting up a Virtual Store and still there is so much to learn. The shipping, the payment type, the descriptions and photographs that I had to do over many times. Well now, here I am after a year and a half and hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to create my online Store to perfectly reflect who I am and what I have to offer. I truly feel that the store came out as a clear reflection of who I am. I am pleased. I can now share with you what I have accomplished. There are still quite a few things to photograph and describe but I was able to put 34 items into my store and open the Virtual doors to the public.

My sister Theresa will be joining me as a partner with her storehouse of knowledge, her many talents and experiences. And it is here where we (my sister Theresa and I) plan on talking about the experiences we have had working with crystals, acupuncture, energetic healing, raw food diet, organic living, vegetarian living, herbs and herbal remedies, holistic remedies, the Chakra system, the body, gluten-free, vegan and raw recipes. Theresa has created tons of recipes for biscuits, dressings, rubs and spices and she will be sharing these with all of you who come and visit.

Roxanne Cummins
Whole Body Healing44


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Hello world!

Yes..Hello World is the perfect start for my very first blog!

Right now I am in the process of setting up my online store Whole Body Healing which will be opened to the public by May 15, 2011.

The subjects that I intend to blog about are all of my personal interests. I’m hoping that some of you out there will find them interesting too! Here are just a few of the topics I will include; Energetic Healing, Crystals, Whole Foods, Nutrition, Specific Nutrients where to find them and how to use them. I will also delve into the world of Organics, Raw, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes/Lifestyles and what they really mean. I will be discussing different “dis-eases” and how changing your diet can help in the healing process to bring your body back into balance naturally.Different types of substitutes for Sugar, Fats and Wheat! Yes! Yes! I will definitely be bringing you kitchen tested recipes that my sister Theresa and I have perfected. Theresa is an encyclopedia of information. She actually created her own line of skin care products, which I loved, however, due to the fact that neither one of us knew how to properly market her product, she had to stop creating…but only in the skin care department. She is still creating master pieces in the kitchen; Natural, Vegan and Vegetarian cuisine doing research and coming up with the most amazing substitutes you can imagine.

Let me know what you are thinking and how you feel, is there a specific topic you’ve been wondering about..Let me know

This is my Hello to the world of blogging…

Whole Body Healing44