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Water Kefir 36 hours into the first Fermentation

Water Kefir 36 hours into the first Fermentation

I have found something new that I have just fallen in love with. A fermented beverage called Water Kefir…this is a probiotic drink that tastes great, is fizzy and super healthy. Water Kefir is an amazing drink that you can make at home very inexpensively, easily and in any flavor that you like! It only takes 24 to 48 hours to brew up your own “Magic Potion”!

I have made Lemon/Cayenne (Yumm!) Blackberry (Yumm!) Peach (Yumm) Peach/Blackberry (Yumm!) and Grapefruit (Yukkkkk!!!) all (except the grapefruit) were excellent. My future experiments will be Cantaloupe/cucumber among others. So far my favorite is the lemon/cayenne. My garden is filled with cucumbers and cantaloupe and that is why I will be experimenting with these flavors! I have learned through experience what works for me and what does not. If you like your water kefir to be very fizzy (Like soda), which I do, don’t add fruit to the first fermentation. I do add a dried, unsulphured fig. Here again it is your choice to add some dried fruit as long as it is organic and unsulphured. Making your own water kefir will save you a great deal of money AND you know exactly what is in it!

Your first fermentation is for 48 to 72 hours. I always do 48 hours but you may choose to go an extra day….more health benefits 🙂 What to do first:
Dissolve 4 tablespoons of organic cane sugar into 4 cups of spring water in a half gallon glass jar. Gently place 4 tablespoons of kefir grains into the dissolved sugar water. You can use either a coffee filter or a piece of cloth over the top with a rubberband so that none of the little critters (fruit flies etc.) can get into the mixture. Put the jar in a place where it will not be in direct sunlight. That is the first fermentation!

The second Fermentation is 12 to 24 hours. This is when I add the fruit and/or juice! I like to use the organic lemon juice vs. real lemons because for some reason when using real lemons the water kefir is not as fizzy! The lemon/cayenne is my favorite flavor. The added organic cayenne makes the water kefir not only Digestive System friendly but it also raises metabolism and is heart friendly besides. The lemon, of course, is a very gentle cleanser along with being a highly alkalizing fruit. For the second fermentation you strain the fermented beverage into screw top bottles and leave out on the counter (out of direct sunlight) for the 12 to 24 hours. **IMPORTANT** you must burp your bottles about every 8 to 12 hours. I found the screw top glass bottles to work great. If your water kefir has a lot of fizz when you open the bottle to allow the fizz to escape being able to tighten the screw top quickly can save you a big mess!

What I use and what I have found works for me for the 2nd Fermentation

The fruit is all your choice 🙂 along with any spice or herb you may be partial to…or that you may need for a healing affect.

2 – 15 oz screw top bottles or more when you have a bigger batch (I used the KeVita glass bottles that I had previously purchased)

1/2 dried unsulphured fig for each bottle (always use organic, unsulphured dried fruit) a pinch of cayenne (good for heart, metabolism and digestion) If you do not like spicy…leave it out! You can also use ginger root or any herb/spice that you like 🙂

I have a place in my closet with a “dresser” where I put my water Kefir for the first fermenting. The second fermenting is right next to the second batch of the first fermenting process.

What will you Need?

• *4 Tbs. Organic Kefir Grains
• *1/2 gallon Mason Jar (or glass jar of your choice!)
• *Organic Cane Sugar
• *A spot in your home that does not include Direct sunlight. (These little creatures actually like the dark)

Tools Required:
• Plastic strainer
• Plastic measuring spoons
• Plastic spoon
• Measuring cup
• 8-cup (1/2 gallon) Ball Mason jar
• 2 to 3 screw top glass bottles (I use the 15 oz from KeVita)

It’s very important that you NEVER use any metal utensils or tools when handling living cultures such as kefir grains. They don’t like metal and may be adversely affected if exposed to it.

Never use tap water because it may contain chemicals such as chlorine and/or fluoride. They will kill the grains. Make sure the dried fruit doesn’t have any sulfur dioxide added to it. Many conventional brands add this chemical to keep the dried fruit looking bright and fresh.

The ratio of 1-1-1 is what you need to follow. 1 Tbs. Sugar to 1 Tbs. Organic Kefir Grains to 1 cup spring water.

If you have any questions about your water Kefir, please email me at roxannecummins_wholebodyhealing@yahoo.com

I have found that the very best Organic Kefir Grains can be ordered from www.keysands.com

About the Keysands Family taken from their site:

“We use Organic Pure Cane Sugar to grow our grains, but they are no picky eaters and will gladly thrive on any sugar you give them. We mix our sugars up periodically to keep our grains happy and active. There are endless ways to flavor water kefir which provides fun for the whole family. These little guys will grow quickly so you can make much more at a time! To offer you peace of mind, we keep our home cleanly and safe by using organic, natural products. We never use harsh, toxic chemicals around our family or our grains.”

Love, Health and Joy to you until the next time….