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Turmeric ~ A Powerful Little Root!

Recently a wonderful little root by the name of Turmeric has grabbed my attention. Because I wanted to know more about it, I have done a bit of research on it’s possible Health benefits. What I have found is listed below:
Turmeric is an Antioxidant, it may help the body in the healing process for the following conditions:
• Inflammation
• Heart Health
• Alzheimer’s
• Natural Painkiller
• Skin Health
• Cancer

Primally Inspired’s link: http://www.primallyinspired.com/turmeric-tea-liver-detox/ has the most wonderful home made Turmeric Tea recipe that you must check out!

Ways that you can incorporate Turmeric into your diet:

• Can be grated and added to smoothies or Home made Juice
• Can be added to your Soups, stews or chili
• Sprinkle it on your veggies as you sauté
• Add it to your Casseroles
• Sprinkle it on your salads
• Mix with other spices and sprinkle on homemade Kale chips or any other veggie chip

There are so many creative ways to add this wonderful spice into your diet!!

Interactions – Be cautious with the following combined with Turmeric (Thank you Web MD):
Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant/Antiplatelet drugs) interacts with turmeric.

Turmeric might slow blood clotting. Taking turmeric along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.

Some medications that slow blood clotting include aspirin, clopidogrel (Plavix), diclofenac (Voltaren, Cataflam, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others), naproxen (Anaprox, Naprosyn, others), dalteparin (Fragmin), enoxaparin (Lovenox), heparin, warfarin (Coumadin), and others.

Further interactions ~Thank you University of Maryland Medical Center for the following information:
Drugs that reduce stomach acid — Turmeric may interfere with the action of these drugs, increasing the production of stomach acid:
• Cimetidine (Tagamet)
• Famotidine (Pepcid)
• Ranitidine (Zantac)
• Esomeprazole (Nexium)
• Omeprazole
• Lansoprazole (Prevacid)

Drugs for diabetes (that lower blood sugar) — Turmeric may make the effects of these drugs stronger, increasing the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

What does Turmeric taste like??

In my opinion ground/powdered Turmeric is a bitter tasting spice. I would advise you to start with a very small amount and then continue to add more until it reaches your own personal taste!

The grated root has a less bitter taste. I would advise that you always start with a small amount of any new herb or spice…it is much easier to add more in then to take some out if you have added too much!!

How much to take?? Thank you Living Strong for the following information

I hope you will try Turmeric as a part of your healthy eating routine!!

Until next post Love, Health and Serenity…


Water Kefir Grains/Crystals


Water Kefir 36 hours into the first Fermentation

Water Kefir 36 hours into the first Fermentation

I have found something new that I have just fallen in love with. A fermented beverage called Water Kefir…this is a probiotic drink that tastes great, is fizzy and super healthy. Water Kefir is an amazing drink that you can make at home very inexpensively, easily and in any flavor that you like! It only takes 24 to 48 hours to brew up your own “Magic Potion”!

I have made Lemon/Cayenne (Yumm!) Blackberry (Yumm!) Peach (Yumm) Peach/Blackberry (Yumm!) and Grapefruit (Yukkkkk!!!) all (except the grapefruit) were excellent. My future experiments will be Cantaloupe/cucumber among others. So far my favorite is the lemon/cayenne. My garden is filled with cucumbers and cantaloupe and that is why I will be experimenting with these flavors! I have learned through experience what works for me and what does not. If you like your water kefir to be very fizzy (Like soda), which I do, don’t add fruit to the first fermentation. I do add a dried, unsulphured fig. Here again it is your choice to add some dried fruit as long as it is organic and unsulphured. Making your own water kefir will save you a great deal of money AND you know exactly what is in it!

Your first fermentation is for 48 to 72 hours. I always do 48 hours but you may choose to go an extra day….more health benefits 🙂 What to do first:
Dissolve 4 tablespoons of organic cane sugar into 4 cups of spring water in a half gallon glass jar. Gently place 4 tablespoons of kefir grains into the dissolved sugar water. You can use either a coffee filter or a piece of cloth over the top with a rubberband so that none of the little critters (fruit flies etc.) can get into the mixture. Put the jar in a place where it will not be in direct sunlight. That is the first fermentation!

The second Fermentation is 12 to 24 hours. This is when I add the fruit and/or juice! I like to use the organic lemon juice vs. real lemons because for some reason when using real lemons the water kefir is not as fizzy! The lemon/cayenne is my favorite flavor. The added organic cayenne makes the water kefir not only Digestive System friendly but it also raises metabolism and is heart friendly besides. The lemon, of course, is a very gentle cleanser along with being a highly alkalizing fruit. For the second fermentation you strain the fermented beverage into screw top bottles and leave out on the counter (out of direct sunlight) for the 12 to 24 hours. **IMPORTANT** you must burp your bottles about every 8 to 12 hours. I found the screw top glass bottles to work great. If your water kefir has a lot of fizz when you open the bottle to allow the fizz to escape being able to tighten the screw top quickly can save you a big mess!

What I use and what I have found works for me for the 2nd Fermentation

The fruit is all your choice 🙂 along with any spice or herb you may be partial to…or that you may need for a healing affect.

2 – 15 oz screw top bottles or more when you have a bigger batch (I used the KeVita glass bottles that I had previously purchased)

1/2 dried unsulphured fig for each bottle (always use organic, unsulphured dried fruit) a pinch of cayenne (good for heart, metabolism and digestion) If you do not like spicy…leave it out! You can also use ginger root or any herb/spice that you like 🙂

I have a place in my closet with a “dresser” where I put my water Kefir for the first fermenting. The second fermenting is right next to the second batch of the first fermenting process.

What will you Need?

• *4 Tbs. Organic Kefir Grains
• *1/2 gallon Mason Jar (or glass jar of your choice!)
• *Organic Cane Sugar
• *A spot in your home that does not include Direct sunlight. (These little creatures actually like the dark)

Tools Required:
• Plastic strainer
• Plastic measuring spoons
• Plastic spoon
• Measuring cup
• 8-cup (1/2 gallon) Ball Mason jar
• 2 to 3 screw top glass bottles (I use the 15 oz from KeVita)

It’s very important that you NEVER use any metal utensils or tools when handling living cultures such as kefir grains. They don’t like metal and may be adversely affected if exposed to it.

Never use tap water because it may contain chemicals such as chlorine and/or fluoride. They will kill the grains. Make sure the dried fruit doesn’t have any sulfur dioxide added to it. Many conventional brands add this chemical to keep the dried fruit looking bright and fresh.

The ratio of 1-1-1 is what you need to follow. 1 Tbs. Sugar to 1 Tbs. Organic Kefir Grains to 1 cup spring water.

If you have any questions about your water Kefir, please email me at roxannecummins_wholebodyhealing@yahoo.com

I have found that the very best Organic Kefir Grains can be ordered from www.keysands.com

About the Keysands Family taken from their site:

“We use Organic Pure Cane Sugar to grow our grains, but they are no picky eaters and will gladly thrive on any sugar you give them. We mix our sugars up periodically to keep our grains happy and active. There are endless ways to flavor water kefir which provides fun for the whole family. These little guys will grow quickly so you can make much more at a time! To offer you peace of mind, we keep our home cleanly and safe by using organic, natural products. We never use harsh, toxic chemicals around our family or our grains.”

Love, Health and Joy to you until the next time….

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Favorite Vegetable Soup :)

I will definitely insert a picture soon! Warm soup is such a hearty, wonderful comfort food especially during the cold winter months, however this soup is also good cold…I love it this way in the warmer months. I do think it is a matter of taste and choice. For me I love this soup warm or cold. This recipe is not only delicious and filling, it is also nutritious, and we all know that nutrition is a very important part of everyone’s diet. Here I have to stop for a moment and explain the word DIET as I use it. In my Blog diet means a way of life..an eating style that is healthy, nutritious and filling. Not a strict way of eating that leaves you hungry, miserable and wanting to binge! I will be posting a variety of recipes that you can tweak to fit your life style and taste. I would like to share one of my favorite recipes that was introduced to me by my sister Cindy while visiting her in NH. At that time I devoured many many bowls of this delicious soup and brought the recipe home with me. I wish I could say that this Soup was my idea but it is Cindy’s creative genius that developed it…I usually make this soup up in a big stock pot and freeze all but 2 servings (that I gobble up within a day) in glass jars for future (very close future) meals. It freezes well and tastes just as good if not better when it’s thawed!
I use as much organic as possible. I really don’t measure my veggies out but will approximate what I use…..

“Favorite” Vegetable Soup

3 large carrots cubed (I use my chopper large cubes)
2 stalks celery diced
1 large onion diced
1 small red bell pepper diced
1/2 small head of green cabbage (chopped or you can use 1/2 to 3/4 bag of coleslaw mix)
4 large handfuls of baby spinach
16 oz of your favorite mushrooms sliced
4 cups of vegetable stock
2 medium tomatoes diced
2 Tablespoons of jalapenos chopped (you can substitute a can of diced chile tomatoes for the above two ingredients)
1 can of stewed tomatoes
2 minced garlic cloves or 2 to 3 cubes Dorots frozen chopped garlic
2 teaspoons dried Basil or 2 to 3 cubes Dorots frozen chopped basil
2 tablespoons Herbes de Provence
Several grinds of black pepper
1 teaspoon Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt
1 Tablespoon Olive, Coconut or oil of your choice

Dice onions, celery and red bell peppers
Chop carrots
Slice mushrooms and cabbage

Add oil to stock pot and heat. Saute onions, celery, carrots, mushrooms and red bell peppers over low heat for about 8 minutes. Add broth, cabbage, spinach all tomatoes, garlic, basil, Herbs de Provence, salt and pepper. Be a little wild and crazy add a big pinch or two of cayenne! Bring everything to a boil and then turn it down to simmer for 20 to 30 minutes and voila you have a wonderful delicious nutritious meal. I hope you will try this soup and enjoy it as much as I do.
Until next time…
Love, Peace and Health!


Nutrition and Healing with Whole Foods – My Kelp Noodle Recipe

I’ve been interested in nutrition and healing through whole foods and have been doing my own research for over 25 years. At this moment I am taking a Vegetarian Nutrition course so that I can learn what it is that Vegetarians need to have a fully rounded nutritious diet that is not lacking in any vitamin or mineral. When I use the word diet I actually mean Food plan…or Life style…not just a “I need to lose weight so I’m going to starve myself for just so long and then stuff myself and gain all my weight back” plan. A food plan or Life Style is eating in a way that will nourish you and leave you satisfied.
In January of 2013 I will be starting classes with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. My blog is going to change a little bit from Crystal Healing and Crystal information (I will still from time to time give information on Crystals, Minerals and Rocks!) to nutritional information and recipes…lots of recipes! Integrative Nutrition has already taught me that it is not only diet that brings health but a concept called “Primary Foods” which includes all aspects of life.
Today I would like to pass along to all of you a recipe that I created with Kelp noodles. A wonderful miraculous little noodle that has only 18 calories for a whole bag but is very nutrient dense! I just love them because they are so versatile and there is NO COOKING 🙂 These noodles are clear, crunchy and all you have to do is rinse them and add a sauce or dressing to your taste. They will pick up the flavor of whatever you add. If you put them in your homemade soup the noodles will lose their crunchiness. With Muir Glen tomato sauce I found that they have the consistency of spaghetti and they are Gluten Free. Just soooo delicious and Healthy!!
With a few simple changes this recipe can be made Raw…

Before I give you my recipe I would like to share some nutritional information.

The health benefits of Kelp noodles are amazing and here is a link that will explain them:

Health Benefits of Cabbage:
Cabbage ranks right up there with broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts with a reputation for fighting cancer. It’s also a good source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and other nutrients. Cabbage also offers a major payoff — the fewest calories and least fat of any vegetable.

From green cabbage you’ll enjoy a fiber boost and a respectable amount of vitamin C. Two types of cabbage, savoy and bok choy, provide beta-carotene — an antioxidant that battles cancer and heart disease. For those who don’t eat dairy products, bok choy is an important source of calcium, which may help prevent osteoporosis and aid in controlling blood pressure.

The phytochemicals in cabbage, called indoles, are also being studied for their ability to convert estradiol, an estrogen-like hormone that may play a role in the development of breast cancer, into a safer form of estrogen — powerful incentives to add cabbage to your diet.

Health benefits of Carrots – http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-benefits-of-carrots.html
You can make this recipe with a number of different veggies…whatever you like and use or make your own dressing on it!! Be creative!!

The Health benefits of Broccoli: http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=9

This is my recipe and as I rarely measure anything the measurements are approximate, this recipe serves 1:

1/2 bag of Kelp Noodles
Green Cabbage – 1/4 to 1/2 of a small head sliced into strips
Broccoli – lightly steamed 1/2 cup
Carrot – (raw) julienne or slice with a potato peeler about 1/2 cup
2-3 Tbs. of Tamari Sesame dressing (at 20 calories per Tbs. you can’t go wrong)

First I rinse the Kelp noodles, cut them up and then put them aside in a glass bowl.
I saute the cabbage (with olive or coconut oil about 1/2 Tbs.) until it’s tender (about 10 min. on medium high) I love my cabbage tender. At the same time I lightly steam (3 min) Broccoli florets about 1 to 1-1/2 cups.
I peel my carrots and then with the potato peeler cut up quite a bit (1/2 cup) and put it in the bowl with the kelp noodles.

When everything is done I take the cabbage and broccoli add it to the kelp and carrots, mix it up and add 3 Tbs. of the Tamari Sesame dressing and eat. This is just so good that I moan through the whole bowl 🙂

Be adventurous and add your own favorite veggies: spinach, green beans, water chestnuts or mushrooms, just a few ideas!

I hope you will try this recipe either my way or in your own creative way and let me know how it turns out…
Until next time
Love, Peace and Health


Nuummite 3.8 Billion Years Old~Another recently discovered Stone

At close to 4 Billion years old, Nuummite is the oldest Stone on this planet! This is another recently appearing Stone for the new Energy Shift…

Historic Facts:

The name Nuummite is derived from the Municipality of Nuuk, where the stone was discovered in 1982. Nuummite is an extremely rare mineral with a rather old age. Nuummite is a gemstone formed from a mixture of two minerals from the orthoamphibole group: anthophyllite and gedrite.The colors vary somewhat between reddish, greenish, and bluish hues, sometimes even within the same lamella. It is composed of Magnesium, Iron, Silicon, Oxygen and Hydrogen.
By virtue of its age Nuummite is unique – there quite simply is no other comparable material of the same age anywhere on earth.
Nuummite is of volcanic origin and was formed about 3 billion years ago. The area of Nuuk where Nuummite occurs is the so-called ‘Isuakasia’ iron ore, the origin of which dates back almost four billion years. Nuummite has been used rather widely for untold centuries as beads and ornamental stones. The Isuakasia, where it’s obtained, is situated close to the Inland Ice Cap which is very difficult to access. For this reason combined with their rarity, these minerals will never become available in large quantities.
It can be found in Spain and southwest of Douglas, Converse County, Wyoming, USA. A lot is found mainly in Greenland in difficultly accessible places.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

It’s Healing and Metaphysical properties are wonderful. I was so drawn to this Stone I just had to purchase a few…1 for me and 4 to sell in the store. The Nuummite that I purchased was mined in Greenland and looks like humming-bird eggs. Although they are small they have enormous Energy and I must repeat enormous Energy. When I first held my Nuummite I felt as though I was being pulled into an Energy Vortex….I’m not sure if it was another Dimension or another Time or even another Place….I have to say I was blown away by such a small Stone having such Power. I should realize by now that size has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Power of a Stone.

Metaphysically this is a powerful stone that can bring an understanding of the awesome power of the void and the bring us an understanding of all the potentials of creation. Used in meditation
This is a wonderful Stone that can be used in general healing and in tissue regeneration. It has been used to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches and degenerative disease. Nuummite can be used to disperse infections, to purify the blood and kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. It can also be used in the treatment of disorders of the throat, the vision, and the eyes; it has been used to clarify and to strengthen the eyesight and the speech. It is an excellent stone for the stimulation of the triple-burner meridians as defined by acupressure/acupuncture specialists. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to assist in the recovery from Parkinson’s disease, to treat disorders of the central nervous system, to treat disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to protect against the negative vibrations of pollutants, at the physical level, via the creation of an energy field which it builds within the aura.

Nuummite is a ‘Stone of Meditation’, the perfect Stone to be used in meditation and deep relaxation practices. Through these practices Nuummite can assist us with psychic experiences and particularly with past or alternate lives. It can take us deep within the subconscious to access other times and existences. It is an excellent grounding stone as well as a protective stone.
Nuummite is also said to help in the recognition of the things that are needed in life and aids in the letting go of what is not, assisting us to find our own inner power and help us to achieve self-mastery.

Nuummite’s Energy brings us so many possibilities: inner strength, depth of spirit and a calm reflective nature, It teaches us to see with our hearts, and reminds us that all limitations, bonds and restraints in our lives are illusions, making it much easier to let them go. This magnificent Stone can also stimulate the intellect, and aid in memory loss and recall.
What do you think, what has your experience been with this incredible little Stone…
Until next time,
Blessings in Light


Super 7 or Sacred 7 or the Melody’s Stone

It has been quite some time since my last blog and for that I apologize. Time just seems to get by me…More than that Life just seems to happen……..and happening it has been doing double time over the last several months…and it continues! Which I am not complaining about Life, mind you, as I am very happy to be alive! I have cleaned out every cupboard, closet and room in my house and now it’s time to get back to uploading products into my store as well as adding information here with a new blog hopefully every week or even a couple of times a week. My sister Theresa has taught me so much in the last few months that I think my head might just explode! This information I will pass along to you in the weeks to come.
Today I would like to talk about the Super 7, Sacred 7 or Melody’s Stone. This Stone is truly amazing. It never needs to be cleansed or charged as it charges and cleanses itself. It is one of many NEW ENERGY stones becoming available to us at this time of Change. The Shift of Ages is upon us and the Sacred Seven Stone will help make this transition into the new energy shift a bit smoother.

This stone carries the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the grounding ability of Smoky Quartz, the energy-amplifying properties of Quartz, with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidocrosite and Cacoxenite . Rutile brings strength, love, ease in making transitions, and stabilize relationships of all kinds; Rutile also fine tunes intuition. Goethite facilities clairaudience and metaphysical abilities and communication. Lepidocrosite deepens intuition, promotes grounding, dissolves confusion and overcome negative thoughts and replacing them with unconditional love. Cacoxenite brings spiritual awareness; it also helps to overcome fear and clear stress.
The color of this stone is deep purple, orange, red and brown. It is transparent to opaque with Rutiles in different colors. The Rutiles are usually gray, black, brown and purple. Spiritually, this high vibrating stone is a spiritual powerhouse. Many pieces of Super 7 carry a spiritual being within them that links to the highest sources of guidance and inspiration so one need not go anywhere to obtain guidance. Meditating with it is a joy. Emotionally, it is a very soothing and nurturing stone .
This crystal activates wisdom and strengthens intuition; assist in finding solutions; and provide the inner strength to cope with different situations.
This Stone purifies, balances and energizes all the chakras and the auric bodies, aligning them to the highest spiritual vibrations.
It is a powerful stone for healing physical, intellectual and spiritual dis-ease. It opens all the spiritual gifts and enhances metaphysical working of all kinds.
This Stone is very good for harmonizing the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing system and healing cellular memory. Supports the immune system, skin and bone.
This Stone supports and heightens the vibration of any other crystals within its vicinity.
Lastly, it does not require any cleansing or re-energizing.
This is a wonderful and desirable crystal to have. It will surely enhance your well-being.
These high crystal energy stones have a vibration that will help metaphysical activities on a variety of levels. This energy aids spiritual and psychic workers to take their talents to the next level higher. Anyone who has already developed any psychic powers, will understand why many people prefer to call these Sacred Seven Stones.

The process of planetary ascension is being overseen by powerful beings in the spiritual realm… and they have created these stones to aid us. Super Seven stones have a highly spiritual vibration within them… that has the purpose of moving our planet to where it needs to be.
This energy brings many users to a point where they feel a strong internal push to make changes… and also to be of service to others… especially others who are on the same spiritual path and working to aid our planet.
Once you begin to use these stones and make a connection to an individual crystal… you may move your gifts to a new level. If you work with a Super Seven Elestial… you may find that you develop a stronger connection with spirit via the crown chakra.
How To Use Super Seven Stones
One of the best ways to use these stones is to meditate with them. The best uses are both in a psychic meditation and also keeping them close to you for extended periods. If you keep them close, you may find that their energy has a beneficial result, on many levels… for your personal healing. By sleeping with one of these stones under your pillow… you may awake feeling a deep sense of peace, harmony and contentment.
Use it in your daily crystal meditation… as by meditating with these stones you may find that many different psychic communication abilities may be accentuated and stimulated. As you continue to use Melody’s Stone regularly… the vibration of this stone begins to bring new levels of gifts into your awareness.
It is known to aid some people to be able to see auras… as well as increasing psychic abilities. This includes clairvoyance, telepathy, automatic writing, channeling, ESP, clairaudience and clairsentience … as well as increasing your intuition.
Wearing Super Seven is an excellent idea… as keeping this stone within your auric field is energetically stimulating.
These stones are often quite beautiful… and it is quite common for them to be crafted into quite extraordinary pieces.
Although some of the minerals in the stone are not always visible, there are many lovely stones with visible colors of Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz and Amethyst Crystals. Within some of the stones it may be possible to see the inclusions of Rutile and Lepidocrocite visible in the stone… and these make beautiful crystal jewelry.
Combining Super Seven With Other Stones
These stones combine beautifully with most other stones, as they vibrate strongly within all chakras. These stones are potent combined with high crystal energy stones. Any of the Super Seven stones… but particularly the Elestials may be combined with the high vibration stones with excellent results.
In particular you might choose to use them with Moldavite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Herderite, Tiffany Stone and White Azeztulite… as all of these stones have a high vibration that will move your spiritual growth to a new level.
They will work with any one of the stones that make up part of their vibration… and if used that way they will work to accentuate the aspects that you most need to be emphasized.
As they carry a strong Amethyst vibration… they are extremely beneficial combined with any of the violet flame crystals.
For excellent healing results you may choose to combine them with Sugilite, Purpurite, Tanzanite Crystals, Pink Lazurine, and Amethyst Crystals.

This is another wonderful Stone whose energy will help us to make the transition into the new Energy Shift a much easier one.
Until the next time…
Blessings in Light

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The Mer-Ka-Ba

This will be a very short blog with just a condensed description of the Sacred Shape, the Mer-ka-ba. There is quite a bit of information on the internet so I thought a small taste would be appropriate…

The Mer-ka-ba

The geometric shape of the Mer-ka-ba is a star tetrahedron; three of these superimposed on each other to form a trinity. It is a vehicle that not only takes spirit and body from one dimension to another, but it can also create reality. It gives us an expanded awareness of who we are by connecting us with higher levels of consciousness. In other words it plugs us back in so we wake up and remember our true nature! The Ancient Egyptians believed The Mer-ka-ba was a counter-rotating field of light that affects spirit and body simultaneously.

It is believed to be a vehicle that can take spirit and body, or one’s interpretation of reality, from one world or dimension into another, that it can also create reality as well as move through realities. It is seen as an inter-dimensional vehicle that can aid humanity to return to their original higher states of consciousness. Linking the mind, heart and body. In my opinion I would say it is liken to a Time machine that can travel Inter-dimensionally through alternate realities

The Mer-ka-ba balances and revives the activities between the two sides of our brain. Such training (meditating with the Mer-ka-ba) strengthens our sensitivities and mental abilities. At present we only use a very small percentage of our brain. The Mer-ka-ba assists us in our spiritual growth . It connects us with our higher self which is the part of us connected to the “All”, “Universe”, “Nature”, “God” or whatever you wish to call “It”.

The Mer-ka-ba enables us to feel unconditional love thus healing ourselves as well as others. It gives us the possibility of creating any kind of harmonious reality we desire. The Mer-ka-ba can be “programmed” to do anything the only limitation being our own belief and imagination. And there it is my condensed version of what the Mer-ka-ba is.
Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoyed it…

Until the next time..Blessings of Light